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Think Positive, Do Positive

One of my former roommates would always say” Think Positive, Do Positive.” At the time, she had a pretty stressful major, a crappy boyfriend, and I’m sure she had other things going on too. But now she’s graduated, has a great job, and is living in Nevada and doing well! She’s proof that thinking positive can lead to positive things in real life.

No One Ever Said It’d Be Easy…

Sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, it can be hard to be positive. But I’ve learned that even if you have to fake being happy for awhile, eventually you can trick yourself into actually being happy. It isn’t easy to stay positive in the face of adversity, but it is worth it. Life is so much more enjoyable when you make the best out of what you have! If you need a jump start on your happiness try watching the video below. I cracked up the whole time! I think we all need to be friends with these two- they seem like tons of fun to be around!